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Steering Wheel Covers Sheepskin

steering wheel covers sheepskin

    steering wheel
  • a handwheel that is used for steering

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1989 Reliant

1989 Reliant

I do miss this car. It was an inheritance from my great-grandfather. The first-and ONLY-2 door I've ever owned, it even had the shifter on the steering wheel. I had fuzzy dice on the mirror, sheepskin steering wheel cover. What pissed me off about this car was that it had a BENCH seat! In all fairnness, being a child of the 80s, bench seats were still the thing and in the early 90s they phased out and the 60/40split-seat took over. I had to change the thermostat CONSTANTLY! When it was cold outside, it was cold inside! When it was hot outside, it was hot INSIDE! But Iacocca made some good ones during his stay with Chrysler. I'll say this about the K-cars, though. Despite the headaches I got from the 3 years that I had mine, it was very durable on the exterior. It was like Timex, 'took a lickin' and kept on tickin'. I even got hit by a bus in this car and it didn't even get scratched. NO JOKE! that actually happened. I think you know why I miss that car now despite the inconveniece(s) that came with it.



Got in our car yesterday and was met with 44444 — being the 'photographic recorder of life' that I am, had to get a photo!

Zeroed out the trip meter for the sake of symmetry. ;)

And yes, you're seeing some dust; I use a sheepskin steering wheel cover in the winter, and always need to vacuum really well to get rid of the leftovers. Well worth it, though, to have warm hands even without gloves!

If anyone's curious, it's an '07 Ford Freestyle Limited, and 44444 km is 27616 mi.

steering wheel covers sheepskin

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